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WRKFILUSG – Work File Usage

Work File Usage on IBM i

Trying to find what programs use a specific file on your IBM i System?

Trying to figure out what updates a logical or scoped physical on your machine?

Help is at hand, with WRKFILUSG.

WRKFILUSG let’s you enter a file name and it will display all the programs that use that file. When we say use we mean read, add, update or delete.


Enter a file name all the programs on your machine will be displayed. You can work with those programs to find their source code, work with objects and even look at the program references for each individual program on the list.

Let’s look at a specific file – in this example INP10 the Warehouse Master file in JBA/INFOR System 21:

But wait – not only *PF are used for updates!

We know that the physical file contains the data and the logical file is just a sequenced view of that data. Logical files are frequently used for updates rather than the physical file (aka SQL Table) itself. So if we truly want to see what programs are updating the data within a physical file then we need to include all the logical files scoped over that physical file.

Press F14 to include all logicals:

We can easily refine this list by using the SCAN / HIGHLIGHT function to look for any text on the subfile line.

For example if we wanted to see the programs from library OSLWTP3 we could do this:

for large lists of file we could also press the F16 function key to reduce this list to ONLY show the highlighted lines:



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