September 15

SNDEML4I – Send email

SNDEML4i – Send Email for IBM i

Simple EMAIL from the IBM i command line or any program.

Yes it’s that easy.

SNDEML4I is a ridiculously simple command wrapped around a SMTP EMAIL function, handling direct from the IBM i command line, or using commands within CL/RPG programs. Emails can contain HTML or plain text bodies and include attachments for any IFS object (for example a *SAVF or PROJEX4I *EGG) and any spool files.


Emailing spool files is so easy it will make you smile.

The days of struggling with SNDDST are long behind us. Beautiful easy to use email interfaces let us send modern, HTML emails direct from our native CL and RPGLE programs with ease.

SNDEML4I even allows you specify any *SPLF and it will convert to PDF and attach to email… on the fly! With no extra coding or setup.

Reports are delivered via email in PDF format ready for viewing and printing:


The email layout is template based — letting you easily convert the default email header images to include your company logo


The body of the email is entered by you in the SNDEML4I command, or you can leave it *DFT which will display the example body above. Any attachments are included with the email.



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