Simple EMAIL from the IBM i command line or any program.

Yes it’s that easy.

SNDEML4I is a ridiculously simple command wrapped around a SMTP EMAIL function, handling direct from the IBM i command line, or using commands within CL/RPG programs. Emails can contain HTML or plain text bodies and include attachments for any IFS object (for example a *SAVF or PROJEX4I *EGG) and any spool files.

Emailing spool files is so easy it’s laughable, SNDEML4I allows you specify any *SPLF and it will convert to PDF and attach to email.

Reports are delivered via email in PDF format ready for viewing and printing:

The body of the email is entered by you in the SNDEML4I command, or you can leave it *DFT which will display the example body above. Any attachments are included with the email.