FOGNOW – Fog the data


This is the fogging process. This will fog (aka obfuscate, mask, hide, murkify) all the data that you have selected

When you run the command you will see all the obfuscation candidate fields listed in a big glorious subfile:

How does fogging work?

Lets choose one of these fields – for example – FOGNOW has shown use that someone has accidentally loaded a file with social security numbers in it! Yikes! So, lets fog the field APSS in file QGPL/BKDT1:

We can use menu option 7 to view the data:

we can 20=Generate Field Update SQL Script

when we generate it we can see the script has been stored at

If we really want to change the letter obfuscation rules, we can edit this fogging script using option 21:

We can see from this fogging script that it is changing all numbers it encounters to a ‘1’.

So, when we run the fogging process using 99 we can see the data has been nicely fogged:

Simple data fogging for simple people 🙂