August 16

DSPPRC – Display Stored Procedure

DSPPRC will display all stored procedures on your IBM-i System

An IBM i SQL Stored Procedure is used to expose back-end business logic to the outside world. without rewriting the code again and/or providing the access to your database to Third party Vendors.


This will quickly display all the stored procs on your system:

We can interrogate the individual stored procedure details with a ‘5’ next to the *STOREDPROC in question:

We can even see the original SQL statement used to create that stored procedure using a ‘6’:

Did I mention that we can DROP that stored proc is its in error:

Drop a Stored Proc

Stored Procs with Errors

Any stored procs that point at procedures, or schemas, that do not exist will be highlighted as * NOT FOUND.

You should either fix or drop these stored procedures:



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