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Install the PROJEX POWERTOOLS for IBM i Software Developers

Projex4i Version 7217

Current version uses a simple FTP based installation process, you just need to follow these steps

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  • Download the Install ZIP file to your PC
  • Unzip into a folder on your PC
  • From the PC – Run the INSTALL.BAT command to FTP to your IBM i System
  • From your IBM i – Run the @INSTALL command to setup the Projex4i environment

Now, sip your coffee, smile self indulgently and use the many commands, utilities and tools.

So lets do this thing:


Download the PROJEX4i ZIP file to your PC

This ZIP file contains a standard IBM i V7.3 *SAVF which you can FTP onto your IBM i System

The download also contains a .BAT file FTP SCRIPT to automate this upload for you.

When you have downloaded the ZIP file you can see it should look something like this:

Unzip this file to a folder on your PC.

2 – Run the INSTALL.BAT file

You can double-click the install.bat file or run it from a command line. It will prompt you to enter your IBM i System Name, your User ID and your password:

Now we simply follow the prompts and it will give us status messages about how the install is going:

When the upload and restore has finished you will have a library called PROJEX4I on your IBM i SYSTEM. 

The library should have at 440+ Objects in it:

3 – Setup the PROJEX4i environment

This gives the application a brief cough and drop, create a environment library, relevant help text and to tailor each command for your system.  This will let you set various specific details about how PROJEX will look and feel for your IBM i system:

PROJEX4I/@SETUP USERNAME('your name') COMPANY('your company')

optionally you can add a library to put the *CMDs in. If you have a library that is the developers library list then they will automatically have access to the PROJEX4i utilities so add the optional parm

projex4i @setup setup projex ibm i application

the doctor recommends downloading projex4i programmers tools
Voila! PROJEX4i is now ready to go 🙂

That wasnt that hard was it?  😉

Installation and setup works best using *SECOFR authority, because the @SETUP command creates an environment library (PROJEXENV), authority lists and change object ownership to a default setting of QPGMR. If you don’t have *SECOFR right then use something with QPGMR with authority to Create and Restore libraries and other items such as output queues, job descriptions and the IBM Job scheduler.

If the setup routine fails with an authority problem – just run it again. It has been designed so that it can be repeated without any problems.

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