July 1

CRTEGG – Create Save an IBMi Library into an *EGG*

An Egg is an IBM i *SAVF that has been laid in an IFS location.

An EGG is essentially a file containing an XML description of the *SAVF that is also included within it. It can be created (just like a SAVLIB but including a description plus other information), displayed and restored. It can easily be ZIPPED and emailed to other IBM i Systems.


Lets backup my work library for example:

CRTEGG LIB(LITTENN) EGGMSG('This is a save of Nicks Development library. This is just being saved to show the functionality within the Projex4i CRTEGG command') TGTRLS(V7R3M0) ZIP(NO) FORMAT(EGG) CPROBJ(*YES)

While the Egg is being created it will show a status window:

This will create a file looking like this:

You can Display the Egg using the DSPEGG command.



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