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TRNSYNC – TURNOVER Extension to duplicate Forms into Synchronized Environments

Projex4i - The IBM i Software Developers Toolkit , Command

TURNOVER SYNCHRONIZING- is the process were a form promotion can be copied so that the objects on that form can be automatically duplicated and published to a sideways environment. TURNOVER EXPLOSION is a core Softlanding function that allows us to explode (or push files) into other environments. This process is called exploding – we simplify […]

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CMPLIB – Compare Libraries

Command , Projex4i - The IBM i Software Developers Toolkit

The CMPLIB (Compare Library Objects) tool compares objects in any two libraries to find differences in objects, or embedded modules within those two libraries:  CMPLIB LIB1(SOURCE) LIB2(TARGET) DATABASE(*REBUILD)  This dives deeper into the program definitions to compare embedded modules in both *PGM and *SRVPGM The Database (*DATABASE/*REBUILD) option allows the utility work with previously built data, or to refresh the data every execution.  This uses […]

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